BA Grandluxe II 50g


Brand: POLA
Prepare yourself for an anti-aging revolution….

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Prepare yourself for an anti-aging revolution….

BA Grandluxe II is a true POLA innovation. BA Grandluxe II is the quintessence of a serum – a new revitalising, bio-active serum that provides both instant and long term effects. Grandluxe instantly softens and illuminates the skin whilst also deeply penetrating the dermis. BA Grandluxe II is a high performing serum with dual function of an essence and a moisturiser.

BA Grandluxe II deploys POLA’s proprietary moisturizing ingredient Cellence AC, which activates the skins Autophagy process* and enhances the ability of the skin to dissolve waste material accumulating from ageing. Skin cell waste materials are turned into amino acids and reused as part of new cells. POLA research notes that during this autophagy process, aura particles are also generated, revitalizing skin cells. The serum’s highly concentrated and active ingredient’s micro size enables them to instantly penetrate the skin’s dermis layer, empowering the cells’ revitalization and enabling the skin to blossom with radiance from within.

*A process whereby living cells dissolve and purify waste materials accumulated due to aging.


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